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  • Mervyn Cole

Upcoming Film Titled 'Trust Me Bro' Has No Trailer or Synopsis

HOLLYWOOD, CA—Tinseltown is no stranger to vague advertising. "Teasing just an image is what savvy marketers have been doing for decades," says an intoxicated movie executive who prefers to remain anonymous for fear of being canceled. "But this weird body poz shit has gone too far. It looks like they've been drinking I.P.A.s since they were kids. I understand trying to be nouveau, but this doesn't make me wet." The IMDB page for 'Trust Me Bro' lists a P.O. Box in the Cayman Islands with a budget of $20 million and a cast of largely unknowns. "I'm getting some comedic vibes but also some homoerotic vibes, so I'm ruling out middle eastern financing; it could be the dutch. They're the second gayest country in the world, like per capita."

Later, we caught up with film reviewer Kendall Mickens of the popular Youtube channel Popquorn who thinks the movie will be a hit with millennials and Gen Zers: "I see a lot of empowerment here. Lots of diversity which always plays well. It looks like there's a redhead who, thankfully, next year, will no longer be considered caucasian. They'll finally be identifying as the Roja race, so it's nice he gets to represent. I feel like they're all bosses and they’re using their masculinity in a way that's fire."


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