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  • Mervyn Cole

DeSantis Uses Obscure Law to Ban Liberals From Entering Florida

JACKSONVILLE, FL—Sparring with Teachers and Mickey Mouse wasn't enough for Florida Governor and future Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis. With the help of his legislature, DeSantis found a way to ban Liberals from entering the state of Florida, effective immediately. At Sunday's impromptu press conference, he stated, "We've been loosely throwing around the word communist to describe liberals for decades, so most people don't know the difference now. And so today, we found a loophole in a law created in 1971 that applies to communist Cubans, which naturally can also be applied to liberals living in the US."

John Stein, from the podcast 'Leftie Lucy,' admonished DeSantis in a seething tweet:

Former President Donald Trump jumped into the fray on Truth Social, writing, "DeSanctimonius strikes again! I announced that I was banning communists last month, always copying what I say because he wants to be me. MAGA lite! Just as bad as bud light!" We reached out to John Stein to better understand the gravity of this sweeping new law, "This assclown is acting like a mod on the subreddit r/conservative. The law will surely be challenged in the courts; my fear is if it reaches that partisan Supreme Court, they'll likely uphold it."


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