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  • Mervyn Cole

Jordan Peterson Offers 20% Discount off Tour With Promo Code 'INCEL20'

CINCINNATI, OH—Fans of the touring professor emeritus are in an uproar as a promo appearing on Twitter seems to poke fun at his mostly young, sexually frustrated male fanbase. In a tweet on Thursday, Elon Musk called the use of the term incel in the promo code "concerning." Fred Marks, a Peterson follower since 2020, sees it this way, "I don't think it was a dig at all. Dr. Peterson is experimenting with humor in his talks. He told a joke in a speech in 2022. It was a beautifully crafted multilayered joke that took almost 20 minutes to reach the punchline, which had something to do with chickens crossing roads. It was so darn funny no one laughed. We were just left in awe. Without Dr. Peterson, I'd still be playing video games 10 hours a day and whacking off into an empty Pringles can. He really changed my life.” Tickets for the show in the GA section go for almost $500 apiece. Peterson critic, J.R. Redmond, calls the show the ’ultimate grift.’ “He’s basically a right-wing Tony Robbins, but the psychobabble knob is cranked up to level 10.“


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