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Mervyn Cole


Rambling Ronnie Productions was founded by Actor/Producer/Writer Mervyn Cole.  In 2014, he produced the webseries “GUY WHO FARTED IN THE ELEVATOR!!," a show about one man's HEROIC battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The critically acclaimed fartfest started as a benefit for the much more serious Irritable Bowel Disease.  However, barely anyone freakin donated so he just scraped up some loose change and plowed on like a total badass.  He came up with the idea to convince a few comics to join his company while doing naked yoga (with the windows open) in his overpriced Hollywood apartment. In 2015, he joined the Upright Citizens Brigade to incorporate sketch comedy onto the company's Youtube Channel...Stay tuned...

Mark Villa


Mark Villa is a Filipino American actor and stand up comedian, born in Los Angeles, CA.  He's a regular performer at Flapper's Comedy Club and The World Famous Comedy Store on Sunset.

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