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  • Mervyn Cole

Skip Bayless Celebrates 50 Years of Trash Sports Takes

LOS ANGELES, CA—The lone star of the Fox Sports debate show 'Undisputed' celebrated 50 years of what his peers call "trash takes" on Monday. Production assistant Janice Hanks entered the studio and found Skip sitting alone, venting about Lebron and Aaron Rodgers while drinking cheap Champagne. "He asked me to take a photograph of him. I asked if that was Cristal or Dom, and he said it was Korbel and not to tell anybody." Bayless lost co-host Shannon Sharpe earlier this year after the two traded barbs on air. Jalen Rose, who co-hosted a show on ESPN with Bayless, had this to say, "He's a damn culture vulture, the take on Shannon not being able to play at 45 like Brady was extracted from the typhus-infected streets of skid row and placed on the debate table. No one is surprised he hasn't found a replacement." Bayless sent out pleas to sports commentators to join his show on his podcast. Names he cried out for include Charles Barkley and Richard Sherman. The latter famously told him in a 2014 interview that "he was better at life than he was" after Bayless criticized him during his Super Bowl-winning season.

The take that seems to sit atop the garbage heap for many sports fans was his high praise for volatile quarterback Johnny Manziel:

Manziel was a colossal bust. Leading Cleveland to only two wins in his entire career.


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