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  • John Yabes

Video Game releases 100 percent finished, Confounds Gamers

A new video game is stirring controversy as it is being released a hundred percent completed. There will be no day one patches, no season passes, no DLC, and no preorder specials.

The game’s creative director, Jacques Pierre, was questioned about his decision to release a fully complete game. “We had a vision of a game that had a beginning, middle, and an end; and went on to make it.”

Gamers are receiving the game with lukewarm reception, many having been conditioned to have periodic payouts to enhance their gaming experience.

Sam Nelson, 24, had this to say, “I usually save up another two, three hundred dollars for every new release. What am I supposed to do with all this extra money?”

Most of the reviews for the game have focused on the odd decision to have a game fully accessible upon release. summarized their experience, “We were stunned by the fact that we jumped right into the game, played it, experienced, and finished it. Five out of five stars.”

But how is the multiplayer? Very classic, yet still balanced by a leveling system with weapons and perks unlocked as the players increases their levels.

“There are no loot boxes, no currency system to unlock things early to gain advantages. Simply, play the game, get better, and you will be rewarded,” Pierre stated.

Who knows if this model will work in the future, but when questioned about adding content to the game, Pierre said, “Well, if the game is successful, we will take those ideas and suggestions and put them in another game. A sequel.”

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