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  • Mervyn Cole

With No Students Around, Bored WFH Teacher Gives Her Postmate the Lesson of His Life

LOVELAND, CO—Heather Mills, 32, hasn't taught an in-person class since the pandemic started in 2020. "The school district made my position remote indefinitely after a parent discovered my OnlyFans account." In 2019, Heather was detained but later released by Police for participating in a school car wash fundraiser while wearing a g string bikini. Parents were alarmed to find that no females were washing cars with the teacher. "There was nothing inappropriate that occurred that day. The female body is beautiful, and the police officers concurred." These days she spends her time ordering takeout and teaching classes over zoom. "I don't get the same level of engagement over zoom. There's a void there, and it's just hard to compare with in-person learning." John Frederickson, a Postmate deliveryman of nearby Fort Collins, Co., makes an effort to work the Loveland area every day after encountering Ms. Mills last week. "I was down there on a whim. I felt like my home market was too congested with other Postmates vying for orders. I got an order with a nice tip, and this 10 out of 10 answered the door. She asked me if I was a student, but she locked lips with me before I could answer. It was a bizarre feeling. I was scared and horny at the same time. A part of me wanted to leave, but another part of me wanted to repay her for the great tip. I'll never forget that night. I'm hoping she orders from the same pizza place again."


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