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  • Mervyn Cole

Sweetgreen Introduces $30 Fresh Goat Head Salad

LOS ANGELES – In keeping up with diet fads, Sweetgreen unveiled their newest Instagram worthy salad on Monday, claiming that it's the most Paleo and Keto friendly thing they've done in months. LA regional manager William Power had this to say," This is next level freshness. We rip their heads off in store." Asked where they got the idea Mr. Power said, "My partner and I got trashed wasted at Pappy and Harriets over in Pioneertown, we staggered outside and found a cute little goat petting zoo. That's when we realized people absolutely love goats!" We asked self-proclaimed foodie David Villa why he paid $30 for his, "I'm always looking for the latest and greatest. I'm actually one of the few that got mine raw. It adds a very distinct flavor to the salad that's hard to describe...Like it's billy goatish, yeah billy goatish."

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