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  • Mervyn Cole

Welcome to the Ramble!

Driving in L.A. can be an agonizing experience. But every so often you'll get rewarded with some of L.A.'s fascinating quirks:

This 1%er in the beautiful Holmby Hills area 'hired' a private security patrol car and it's stationed behind their gated entrance. But here's the kicker, those guards in the patrol car are actually dummies.

If you ever needed to masturbate while watching someone clean your house. You can do it for the low low price of $99 an hour.

Those unsightly Telephone poles that litter the L.A. landscape also help keep sidewalk cafe patons safe.

I don't have any comment other than go Bruins

You can find ample parking at any L.A. Whole Foods Market

Cock blocking Semi's


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