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  • Mervyn Cole

Local Man Tells Partner To Avoid Potentially Hazardous Vaccine

ROCHESTER, NY—Mike Saffaie, 36, says the alarming news about Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine's pause gave him pause, "I feel like it's too risky to subject my future wife and me to this vaccine." Citing the 6 out of the 7,000,000 women who experienced blood clots shortly after receiving the one-shot dose. "The stats don't tell the whole truth," he quips as he takes a drag from his American Spirit Cigarette, "these vaccines are under emergency approval by the government. There's no telling what the long-term effects are." Saffaie, who sells Herbalife to his Instagram followers, isn't worried about the potential event and travel restrictions from refusing the vaccine. "I'll get to where I need to go. I inherited an old Cessna from my uncle Charlie, and thanks to Youtube, I've already learned how to fly it."


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