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  • Mervyn Cole

California Bans the Sale of Hacky Sacks Ahead of Earth Day

OAKLAND - Avid Hacky Sack player and Phish fan Mark Rosen outside of his favorite head shop.


“I’m incensed!" Yelled Rosen who smelled like Nag Champa. “California is really testing me. I understand going to the more expensive summer gasoline blend to combat pollution, but this...This is where I draw the line.” We asked April Clark, a representative of the California State legislature what drove them to the ban: “Discarded Hacky Sacks contain micro-plastics that don’t break down. They end up in our waterways and in the stomachs of fish.” Rosen wasn't pleased with what Clark had to say and declared, "I'm moving to Texas man...but like Austin though."


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